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Obstetrical Care

Expert Prenatal Care

If you're expecting, you'll need regular prenatal care to ensure that both you and your baby are in good health throughout your pregnancy. Come to us for caring, knowledgeable help.

Prenatal care is simply a term that means the health care you receive while you are pregnant. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or you have already had children, all mothers-to-be can benefit from experienced prenatal care.

Take care of yourself and your baby by getting early and regular prenatal care. If you know you're pregnant or think you might be, call us right away to schedule a visit!

Don't miss a visit with Dr. Jones

Since you'll be receiving important information as well as reporting it to Dr. Jones during your prenatal care visits, it's vital that you don't miss any of your appointments during this critical time of your life.

  • Get all of the information you need
  • Nutrition
  • Getting proper rest
  • Answering your questions
  • What to expect

Family Planning

Come to us for family planning help

Whether you're looking for birth control options or you just need someone to talk to, our staff is able to provide you with the confidential, trustworthy assistance you're looking for. Make an appointment for your family planning needs.

Benefit from many family planning resources

Whether you're not quite ready to have a baby, or if for medical reasons, our team can provide you with all types of birth control, including pills, condoms, diaphragms, IUDs, contraceptive foams, and more. Most insurances are accepted.

You can also get emergency contraception from us, as well as pregnancy tests and more. Call us for a complete rundown of our services and birth control offerings.


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